Catcall Controversy


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Catcalling has, is, and always will be one of the most immature and offensive actions against women, and an issue that is far from new. However, with the recent popularization of one particular video, the issue has been revamped once more.

Budding actress, Shoshana Roberts, attached a camera to the back of a friend’s backpack to videotape the amount of catcalls she received from ten hours of walking through New York City. After editing the ten hours down to a two-minute compilation of catcalls, Roberts uploaded the video to YouTube where it instantly blew-up (the video is currently at over 33 million views).

The result is shocking, and brings to light the very prominent issue of catcalling. However, what most people are arguing against this video is the fact that Roberts specifically walked through “slum” areas of the city, and edited out anything from white men, consequently targeting specific races.

Unfortunately, what was an effort to illuminate a serious issue, back-fired in a negative way. Those back-fires, however, do not demean the important message of the video: catcalling is a significant issue that is alive and thriving.

Men must understand that catcalling is something that makes women incredibly uncomfortable, a strong enough reason to refrain from doing it. Although many men are under the illusion that catcalling is a compliment, it actually makes women feel as though they are objects, allowed to be subject to strange and imposing comments.

Ultimately what it comes down to is this: do not invade someone’s personal space, verbally or physically, unless it is in a safe, sincere manner, and if you are turned down or ignored, press no further and make sure to respect their decision.

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