Noemi Chopin: Young Musician on the Rise

Exploring the talent of one of El Mo's most creative musicians

Junior Noemi Chopin enjoys playing, writing and singing music, using her spare time to practice and make videos of her original songs. According to the young musician, her interest in music began around the age of four when her parents bought her a fake microphone. She recalls singing “religious songs in the living room or in the tub.” Whenever she had the chance, she would sing.

All of Chopin’s songs are inspired by her life and she strives to incorporate messages. In one of Chopin’s songs, entitled “Change”, the main idea is inspired by Chopin’s own hatred of change due to past experiences involving a close friend moving away. The creative beginning verse states, “I like change, the kind that you find I your pockets and I like change, the kind that you find in your laundry…But I don’t like that we’re drifting.” However, in another song called “Change Brought Me to You”, the song basically illustrates Chopin’s gratitude for change. Through the song, Chopin explains that even though change can be difficult or unplanned, it can lead to wonderful experiences and people. Although the messages of the two songs contradict, Chopin claims, “I like that they’re sort of contradicting each other. They’re sort of juxtaposed.”

Chopin is currently practicing her guitar and piano skills, working on learning how to read music and further improve her talents. Her dream is to become a successful musician and song writer, although she would also consider teaching music.

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