El Mo’s Dynamic Duo

Identical twins that excel both on the court and in the classroom


Varsity volleyball stars

You may have seen juniors Jenna and Megan McCune around campus, identical twins who have been on varsity teams for three years, while maintaining a whopping 4.6 GPA.

  “The twins are beautiful people who are incredibly talented athletically and academically. I strive to be like them in volleyball, and they help me learn and become a better player and person,” says junior Olivia Addington.
“Megan and I balance each other well because I’m a setter and she’s an outside hitter,” Jenna explained, “Megan is better at hitting and scoring points and I try to help more with the game’s strategy.”
Jenna McCune and Megan McCune also impact their teammates with their optimistic personalities. Junior Gabrielle Fredianisays, “They’re always positive during games and practice. If I need help during practice I can turn to them and count on them to cheer up the team during games.”
They both played varsity softball as freshmen; however, now just Megan plays first base and also pitches.
In addition to their athletic success, they got 5’s on the AP World History test and passed the AP Biology test.
Anyone who plays sports or takes AP classes knows they are challenging on their own, especially to balance both. That is exactly what these girls do, so keep an eye out for this prodigious pair.

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