The Music Industry 101

The music industry is focused on making money rather than producing great music

Music industry has become a broken record.

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Music industry has become a broken record.

The founding fathers of music would be turning over in their graves if they heard what 21st century music sounded like. The lack of talent in the industry can only be blamed on the fact that labels are focusing more on producing a product rather than releasing art.

Before the industry was corrupted by money, record labels would seek talent and would develop the artist in the studio cost-free. Labels would take time to work on an artist, perfect their art and introduce them to the music world once they were ready. Nowadays, you must come into a label with an EPK in hand, alongside with ready-to-sell original music and with a large fan base already established to even be considered for a record deal.

Many people have the misconception that once you sign with a record company you suddenly become a star… well, anyone who believes that is naïve and uneducated. Truth be told, musicians we hear on the radio are approximately 20% of artist signed to a label. The other 80% receive no hype, as record labels tend to put them on the shelves once they sign to the label.

Labels do this because they are focused on the 20% actually making them money and sometimes, they hold artist in order for other labels to not attain them. This method is not fair to the 80% musicians who are legally bound by a contract and can do nothing unless the label approves.

Advances? Well, what most people do not understand is that the advance is given to the artist by the label and is expected to pay it back. How? Artists must pay it back by their record sales.

If an artist doesn’t make enough money in album sales, the label takes back everything. For example: the brand new Mercedes, the new house, the new shoes, everything is taken back by the company and is basically given to the next musician ready to take your place.

The music industry will mold you into a “robot” that sells cookie-cutter music. Once you sell-out, you become their puppet. The only way to make it in the industry with dignity is by being an independent artist.

Labels are focused on creating a robot, not a true artist. They are creating music for the now, not for longevity.

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