Album Review: “Hesitant Alien”


Album cover for "Hesitant Alien"

Lily Sanz, Editor-in-Chief

   Former My Chemical Romance frontman, Gerard Way, released his new album, Hesitant Alien, on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014. Due to his previous involvement in the popular alternative rock band, many had set certain expectations for his album, all of which were disproved immediately after it’s release.

   Although known for more of a pop-punk feel, Gerard Way has always contained a strong love for the Britpop scene, with strong influences from artists such as David Bowie. These influences are clearly evident in Hesitant Alien, along with a spark of Way’s own unique sound. Way began this album with nothing simpler than a guitar, a fuzz pedal, and the motivation to write and produce an album unlike any he had released previously.

   Along with creating an entirely different sound, Way wanted to let his artistic side truly take control over the entire theme of the album. The album name itself, “Hesitant Alien,” was a revelation Way had while touring with My Chemical Romance. Way says “Being in a really big machine band like My Chem, I was constantly rallying the outsiders, fighting to get noticed, and then I started to realize ‘You know what? You don’t fit in, and that’s actually how you fit in. You actually are part of that machine.’ My whole trip through music, I always felt hesitant, and I always felt like an alien.” Way took this idea and turned it into fuel that ultimately drove the entire eleven-track album.

   Although the original release date was set on September 30th, Way released the album eight days prior on his Soundcloud account for everyone to get a first taste of his solo work. He has also released a music video for one of the album’s first single, “No Shows” in which he sets the concept for the album, a futuristic-galactic music television channel called “Pink Station Zero,” and has even self-produced his own Zine to go along with this theme.

   To listen to “Hesitant Alien,” visit Gerard Way’s Soundcloud at

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