Doctor, Who?


The Doctor (on the right) and his human companion, Clara (on the left).

Lily Sanz, Editor-in-Chief

   As fall settles in, so does a plethora of returning television series, a rather exciting time for those who enjoy indulging in seasonal sitcoms, dramas, or anything in between. However, it is a particularly exciting time for “Doctor Who” enthusiasts.

   The T.V. series “Doctor Who” tells a story of The Doctor, a time-traveling alien from outer space, who accompanies his travels with human companions. In his time machine, the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space), The Doctor and his companion explore worlds and galaxies throughout all of time and space.

   “Doctor Who” began airing over fifty years ago in 1963, but was cancelled in 1989 after 26 seasons. However, due to popular demand, the show was relaunched in 2005, and has been running ever since.

   One of The Doctor’s many unique qualities, is his ability to “regenerate” if and when he dies, allowing him to continue life, only in a different body. This has allowed the show to run for as long as it has. Now with the premiere of season 8, “Doctor Who” has introduced its (technically) 12th regenerated Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi.

   With three episodes released, and nine more to follow, “Doctor Who” season 8 has begun with a successful bang, making The Twelfth Doctor one of the most exciting and unique doctors that fans have yet seen, something that nearly no one was expecting.

   If you are new to this show, consider joining into one of the most thrilling adventure series out there. “Doctor Who” will presume on Saturday the 13th of September for episode four of season 8, that will undoubtedly hold the same level of excitement that has been carried through the series thus far.

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