The Invisible Hand of Ms. Guzman

Shining a light on El Modena's hardworking staff members


Christina Davenport, Staff Writer

Everyday, staff members at El Modena spend numerous hours cleaning and caring for school campus. They work hard in order to make the school more neat and comfortable for both students and teachers alike.  Without them El Mo would be an absolute disaster. This is why the staff deserve more appreciation and recognition for their effort, enthusiasm, and love for everyone they work with and meet.

One staff member who always works her hardest is Ms. Guzman. Guzman has worked at El Modena since 2001 and is the PE attendant of the girls’ locker room. Not only does she sell water and provide PE clothes for the girls, she also cleans the gym, the locker room, and the bathroom.

Despite her tasking job, Guzman never grows tired and says, “I really want to work more than just 10 months and work during the summer too so I could help my coworkers.” Obviously this woman is extremely hardworking and dedicated to her job. She also cares deeply about her fellow employees and loves to help out whenever she has the chance.

Her positive attitude is inspiring and many students see Guzman as both a role model and a mother figure. She always tries to avoid complaining and has a charming sense of humor.

When asked what she likes most about working at El Modena, Guzman replied, “This place feels like a second house for me and the girls are like my daughters. I love watching them as they grow up.” For Guzman, the girls she meets in the locker room are like her own family and she treats them that way.

Staff members like Guzman need more acknowledgement for the amount of enthusiasm they have for their jobs and the love they have for the students at El Mo. Without them, school would never be the same. This is why students need to take action and give thanks. It could be as simple as writing a thank you note to show appreciation or maybe even buying a small gift. It would certainly touch the staff members’ hearts to know that students are grateful for what they do.




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