“Generation Z” and Global Issues

How technology has advanced the ability to make a difference.



Protestor in Ferguson promoting the hashtag "#justiceformikebrown" who was a victim of police violence.

   When you are an adolescent, it is difficult to look outside the limited, personal spectrum of your life. School, family, friends, relationships, the introduction to employment, the worrisome antics of preparing for college, all seem monumental to you. However, when the reality of just how microscopic your problems are hits you, is when you begin to view the world in a different light.

   If you have merely opened up your phone in these past few months, you cannot deny the plethora of world issues that are present, even on our home soil. Issues in Gaza, Ferguson, Syria, Iran, and many more have become major issues in the world.

   Of course, world news isn’t anything new. So what’s the difference? Social media.

   For those us who have grown up in “Generation Z” (individuals born in 1995 to the present), we have also been raised in what most people call, the igeneration. We are one of the first generations of teenagers who have been raised under the “digital revolution,” being the first round of adolescents to have the opportunity to access world news at our fingertips at every second of everyday.

   This opens up numerous possibilities to not only delve into what these national issues are about, but also gives us the opportunity to personally connect with citizens in those certain areas who are being directly and indirectly affected.

   So to all of those who are a part in this generation, take advantage of the luxury that we have to reach out to those in need. Our modern technology is offering us ways to change the world in ways that has never been offered before, wether it be donating to a certain cause, or merely spreading the word of wrong-doings of oppressing forces, making a difference has grown significantly easier. 

   Make our predecessors confident that the incoming generation will be driven by the will to take the wrong, and make it right.

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