Music is Notably Underwhelming

The music industry is more interested in making money than making music nowadays.


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Denisse Brito, Editor-In-Chief

Whatever happened to the music industry being all about creating great music? Nowadays, record labels are focused on manufacturing a pop star by dressing, teaching, and telling them exactly what to wear, how to act and what to say in order to make them sell records. The quality of music has notably deteriorated throughout the past five years, as generic cookie-cutter music is being publicized rather than real meaningful music.

Music is notably underwhelming. Music should be an overwhelming feeling that arouses your insides and makes you feel a sense of comfort and euphoria. It shouldn’t contain pointless talk about sexual acts, getting drunk or high, or ABC lyrics that a five year old could have written. It should evoke a feeling inside of you.

Music should be life changing yet the lack of great music has affected society itself. Teenagers are brainwashed into thinking doing illegal things is okay because it is being amplified all over the music that the radio plays.

It is obvious that most people listen to radio music. Radio is meant to be cookie-cutter and generic. It is meant to be so simple and catchy that a two year old could sing the melody. Point is, it is meant to sell, not meant to make the Music Hall of Fame.

Again, I ask the question I previously posed at the beginning of this article: Whatever happened to the music industry being all about creating great music?

When is the last time a song has given you goose bumps?

Although there are some great musicians coming out with great music, most people disregard them. Only those who truly aspire to be original and not become a sell-out will truly bring back what once was a great industry.

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