The Statistical Probability of Falling In Love (At First Sight)

Is love at first sight just a myth?

The Statistical Probability of Falling In Love (At First Sight)

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Denisse Brito, Front Page Editor

It always starts off with a hopeless female protagonist yearning to grasp an idea of who she is and along the way she locks eyes on a young lad and simply knows that he’s the one for her. The real question posed in today’s society is if one can truly fall in love at “first sight.”
What is referred to, as “love at first sight” is actually known as “sexual attraction.” It is near impossible to simply glance at one person and know that he/she is the one for you. What people forget is that one falls in love with their looks, not the person. For example, I have been “in love” with myriad of men that I’ve never once spoken to just because they are highly attractive and appealing to my eye. I’ve never truly gotten to know their favorite book or song, much less they’re first and last name. For all anyone knows that attractive male could be the most irritating man on the entire planet. He could chew too loudly or crack his knuckles way too often, therefore derailing any hopes of true love.
Take for example, a male’s prospective. Males are easily attracted to women and once they set their eyes on one particular female, they begin their prowl in hopes of one day calling her his’. Yet they are infatuated by the looks, by the way women always seem to smell nice and always have their hair and makeup done. Never did it once cross a man’s mind that she may laugh like a hyena or be as clueless as the last girl was. Men aren’t in love with the certain female for who she is as a person, they are entranced by her appearance and the fragrance she wears.
Society, who are brainwashed by romance novels and movies, hopes for that jolt, that “love at first sight” feeling yet to their dismay, have yet to find it. For those, on the other hand, who chose to believe in the truism, have ended up in tragic divorces due to the fact “they didn’t know each other well enough.”
What society has to understand is that although “love at first sight” almost always results in bitter divorce cases, the probability of falling in love at first “click” is more probable and in most cases, lead to happy marriages.
Love at first “click” is when two people are introduced and by the end of the conversation, they each attain an attraction for one another that go beyond any sexual pull. It is more than just looking at someone and being physically attracted; it’s talking to someone and connecting not only your minds, but also your souls. It is when two sets of brains connecting intellectually, knowing that initial spark isn’t normal, that they are now connected somehow.
That’s what falling in love is. It’s the pull that brings two people together who would have most likely never met if they were merely looking at each other based on looks. The connection of minds and souls is what true love is, that initial “click” uniting them for the rest of eternity. Although it is rare, as all love is in modern day society where divorce rates are at an all time high, it is true and it is love.
Point is, if society was more focused on finding someone they have a true connection with (on a variety of levels, not just sexually), divorce rates would plummet. Kids would be able to go home to two parents who are more in love than ever instead having to march home to a bitter household bickering is constant and complaints about how miserable each spouse is seems to surface daily. If people were to act on that undeniable “click,” maybe we’d live in a happier society filled with love and hope for all generations to come.
The probability of falling in love with at “first sight” is high on the market today, as teenagers and young adults chose to believe that looks are the only interesting thing about a partner that can satisfy them for the rest of their life. The probability of falling in love at first “click,” which ultimately surpasses all appearances and focuses more on the true essence of a person, is very low at the market.
People forget that with age, pretty looks fade and at the end of the day, we’re left with the minds and souls of others in place. You have to picture yourself old and wrinkly and wonder if you’d still love your significant other as much as you did when they were young and beautiful. If you can’t picture it, you’ve made the mistake most Americans have: believing in the probability of falling in love at first sight.

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