Not The Life of the Party You Think

The Downsides Of Being In Sororities and Fraternities

 Fraternities and sororities make up what we know as “Greek life” in college. But in reality, it is far from this. Although it seems like a great way to get involved in college and become a part of a long-term family, Greek life has many downsides. 

   Greek life can create limited social reach. Although it is intended to provide a home and support system, it can limit student’s ability to branch out and know more diverse groups of people. Greek life is also very expensive. Initial fees alone can be up to thousands of dollars, as well as more unofficial persuasive costs from the house such as clothing and supplies. 

   Dangerous behaviors are also involved in frats and fraternities. Greek life is commonly involved with lots of parties and drinking, and even more dangerous hazing. Hazing occurs for new pledges, and an uproar in injuries and alcohol related danger has been occurring more recently. 

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