Cali Girls Take on Football

Flag Football Becomes a CIF Sport in High School

Cali Girls Take on Football

   After years of becoming a popular sport in high school, Girls Flag Football has officially become a CIF sport in California. With the popularity of the game soaring and a surge in interest in playing, it will officially be a sport in the 2023-2024 season. 

   Coaches such as Corey Thedford at Hawthorne High state that this game started out as girls “going out to have fun”, but after teaching a run-pass option to girls who had never played, Thedford realized the passion these girls had. 

   Girls flag football has been an official sport in many other states such as Alabama and Nevada. Director of Secondary Educational Services Paula Hart Rodas states that the goal is to get “more girls involved in high school sports and tap into a widespread love of football.” Many schools are adding this sport to their budget and hope to start as early as the fall. 

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