Solving the Homelessness Issue

Remember the Forgotten

  Homelessness is an issue that often slips the mind of the average person because of the context it has been placed in. Homelessness is not “an issue,” they are people. Not only do these people not have homes, they don’t have houses.

   To me, the solution is clear: giving houses to people without them. The government should be providing for the most basic fundamental need of its citizens, and housing is square one.

   Giving houses to people without them builds a foundation upon which to build their lives, and allows government agencies or organizations access to these people to aid them with possible substance abuse and/or mental health issues.

   While many believe treatment first is a more viable solution, data from the National Low Income Housing Coalition suggests that housing first programs decrease homelessness long term nearly 88% and improve housing stability 41%.

   Many are worried about the cost of housing first projects and, personally, I would like for the money to come from a tax increase. It should be focused on those with an annual income within the top 1%  of earners and corporations with high profit thresholds.

   These groups possess enough expendable wealth to solve this crisis. The government needs to be the middleman who forces them to pay their dues.

    Viewing homelessness as a burden does not solve the problem, whereas viewing it as humans who are in need, allows society to take a step in the right direction.

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