Cash App Founder Has Passed Away

Bob Lee Dead at 43

Bob Lee, the founder of the financial service platform Cash App was recently stabbed to death. The 43 year old was stabbed while roaming the streets of San Francisco, where he often visited but did not permanently live. When officers arrived at the scene, Lee was found suffering from life-threatening injuries and was taken to a local hospital where he passed away.

   Officers investigating the crime had a press conference in which they spoke out against the arrest made against Nima Momeni. Momeni is a tech entrepreneur in the bay area who knew Lee. During the press conference, the District Attorney did not speak about the possible motive, but added that they are still investigating. It is said that Momeni will be charged on Friday and prosecutors are hoping to detain him without bail.

   Due to the fact that the case is still recent with Lee’s death happening on April 4, there is still more information to be released. 

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