Spectacular Senior Night Celebration

What Senior Nights Mean to El Modena

   After working tirelessly for four years, one event all seniors look forward to is their senior night. It is a night filled with celebration, tears, and reflection on the hardwork and dedication of senior athletes or band members.

   As the season for any seniors chosen sport comes to a close, the school will arrange a night to honor them. Our beloved student body comes together to paint posters, spread the word, and gather together to support their fellow students at their final event. At El Modena, senior night is a full blown celebration to commemorate the seniors hard work.

   It is very bittersweet to experience your final event along with senior night. There is joy in the idea that a lot is accomplished over one season. On the other hand, the event is a tearjerker because it is the last time playing a high school sport. Leaving behind the relationships you have made with your teammates is not an easy task.

   Whether you are a junior graduating next year or a freshman just getting started, don’t take any moments for granted because they will all go by fast. Soon enough you will be having your own senior night!

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