Military Leak Over Minecraft Discord

US and Russia Brawling Out on BedWars

   The year 2023 will be looked back upon for its iconic incidents, such as SpaceX launching Starlight and concerts from your favorite artists. However, military documents leaking from a Minecraft Discord server will always be something to remember when thinking about the year 2023.

   The Russo-Ukrainian war has been ongoing for quite some time so military leaks are bound to happen. Nevertheless,  most people would not expect the leak to come from a Minecraft Discord server used by gamers to communicate with one another.

   Reportedly, over 100 files and documents were leaked on the Discord server with more than 50 being marked as top-secret or classified. The server known as “Thugshaker Central” will now forever be synonymous with not only Minecraft, but more importantly leaked secret military files.

   The leaks apparently started when a member of the server got into an argument with another fellow player over the war in Ukraine. The documents and files have now been taken down, but the damage of the leaked documents remains to this day.

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