Immigration From Mexico to the U.S.A

Mexico is the Gateway to the United States for Immigrants

   Immigration to the United States especially from Mexico (+23% increased) has been a problem for the last decade. Immigrants come to the United States in hopes of creating a better life for them and their children, with migration rates at 23%. However, this has been made extremely difficult the last couple of years.

   South Americans who are escaping poverty, war, or dictatorship also use Mexico as a gateway. A nation that has had an increase in immigration to the United States from Mexico is Venezuela (+286% increase), whose citizens arrived in mass numbers for the first time in 2021. Nicaraguans are also coming to the US to escape the Ortega Regime and economic problems (+227%). 

   Citizens of Colombia also had an uprising in migration (+1,918%) because they are trying to escape violence. It’s not only nations from South America that use Mexico as a gateway to the United States, but also nations from Europe and Asia

   Russia is one of these nations. As a result of the Russia-Ukraine war going on, immigration has increased by 430%. People from India have also been discovered to be crossing the border from Mexico (607%) since they are trying to escape the country’s nationalist government.

   Romanians have been found coming to the United States, mainly the prosecuted Roma ethnic group (+47%). Most of these people coming to the United States want a better life and in most cases, they risk their lives to come live in one of the greatest countries in the world, and a place of new opportunities, the USA.

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