The Last of Us

Why Does Pedro Pascal Do Series where He is the Father of an Orphan Child?

Yet again, Pedro Pascal wows his audience in another hit series titled The Last of Us. It is based on the extremely popular game with the same title that follows Joel, played by Pascal in the series, and Ellie, who is played by Bella Ramsey.

   The series follows Joel protecting Ellie during a post-apocalyptic world that was caused by a fungal infection. The infection caused a world-wide pandemic that destroyed civilization and created zombies (called Infected) that can infect other people. Ellie is the only person that is immune to the infection and holds the cure to prevent its spread.

   Video game fans have been left hugely disappointed by previous attempts to make a live action video game movie or series, but The Last of Us is nothing like previous video game adaptations. It follows the source material and is a series that not only fans of the video games enjoy, but also people that are new to The Last of Us franchise.

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