Time to Jam at Elmo Jam!

Great Night To Enjoy Music and Canes with Friends

On March 24th, several musicians came together to perform at our yearly Jam Night to demonstrate their talents to the community. This year’s performers were bands such as Unagoons, ScumFiends, Last Minute, Midnight, as well as Virgil Le with his special guest Ruby Byfield, and Seth Dominguez with special guest Sawyer Shea.

   Midnight started the night off with their performance of Freaks by Surf Curse. Last Minute followed their performance and they put on a show singing Boys Don’t Cry, Freaking Out the Neighborhood, and Big Mouths Strike Again

   Electric Funeral, For Whom the Bells Toll, Hand of Doom, and Paranoid were all performed by Scumfiends. Virgil Le and his special guest Ruby Byfield then hopped on stage to show us their composing skills by performing originals Glue Song, Cry, and Doomsday.

   Up next were Seth Dominguez and special guest Sawyer Shea also performed their originals Stay Here Forever by Daniel Caesar featuring H.E.R, Got It Our Way, Night of Our Lives which was co-written with Sawyer, and they also sung Best Part. After the duo’s thrilling performance, Unagoons took the stage to close the night. 

   They performed Last Rites/Loved to Deth, Lucretia, Tommy The Cat,  an UnaGoon original Act Out, Creeping Death, Five Magics, Domination, Dawn Patrol, Wake up Dead, and Tornado of Souls. Everyone was ecstatic to watch all these talented performers and allowed many Vanguards to enjoy a night full of live music.

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