See Drake’s Tour Before He Goes By in a Blur

Instead of Asking 21 To Do Something for Him, Drake is Doing Something for His Fans

   Yes, you heard that right, Canadian rapper and singer Drake is going on tour! At his side is rapper 21 Savage, who he collaborated with on their recent joint album titled Her Loss. The two will go on the “It’s All A Blur Tour” and play at various locations across North America.

   This much-anticipated tour will kick off on June 16 of this year in New Orleans, and it will end on September 5th in Glendale, Arizona. That gives the duo three whole months to visit a city near you! From New York to Montreal to Los Angeles, you can see Drake perform no matter where you’re located.

   How about tickets? Well, much controversy has surfaced over their price, as many people on Twitter say that they are too expensive for the average fan. However, the high cost makes sense; these tickets are in high demand considering the rapper’s three-year hiatus from touring and his hints at retirement. But until then, Drake is ready to play for his fans.

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