Cartoon Boots Revolutionize Fashion

The Drip Just Got Drippier

   Have you ever wanted to cosplay as your favorite childhood cartoon character? Maybe you were interested in being Boots from Dora, or Astro Boy from the popular manga. Well, thanks to MSCHF’s experimental boots named (wait for it) the Big Red Boot, you can!

   MSCHF, pronounced mischief, is a fashion brand dedicated to pushing the boundaries of fashion. They introduced the world to Lil Nas X’s controversial Satan Nikes containing a drop of real blood. Since blood is not red enough, however, MSCHF has brought us the Big Red Boot.

   The shoes themselves are the shape of a foot cast, but a bright red color resembles the boots a Spanish-speaking cartoon monkey would wear. This is the point-while they are ridiculous, the boots are certainly a novelty and seem fun to wear around town. What are you waiting for? The boots are just a low retail price of $350 dollars!

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