Ice Spice

You thought I was feelin’ you?

   Isis Gaston, most famously known as Ice Spice, is an American rapper from the Bronx in New York City who first became known through her hit single “Munch” in August 2022. Her song’s popularity skyrocketed because of its memorable lyrics, and it helped establish Ice Spice as a household name. 

   After a couple months, Ice Spice released another single called “Bikini Bottom” that garnered attention similar to her previous song. Its success would be attributed to its references to an all-time classic children’s show, SpongeBob Squarepants. 

   Through her catchy lyrics and alluring beats, Ice Spice defines herself as an icon whose fame isn’t based on a one hit wonder, but as an actual musical artist. 

   Most recently, Ice Spice has released her newest song called “In Ha Mood” and collaborated with british singer, Pink Pantheress in releasing a remix of an old Pink Pantheress song. The remix was called “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2,” and it charted No. 1 on Apple Music. 

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