Michael Pongco’s JUCO Athletic Experience

Why Did He Become a JUCO Athlete?

Michael Pongco is a Fullerton College athlete in track and field majoring in film, who compromises his busy academic schedule to play the sport that he loves.

   At Fullerton, Michael’s athletic career could not be more supported, as they offer him rigorous training, competent medical staff, and plenty of track meets with other schools to stoke the flame of his competitive nature.

   Although his schedule is strict with so much going on, he utilizes the uniformity and stern deadlines to keep him on track. He has early mornings and long days, but everything is to prepare him for the end of the week when he finally gets to compete.

   Even Michael’s academics are not weighed down by his track career, and Fullerton offers plenty of support for those struggling with this. Counseling, tutoring, and other resources are offered to every student who needs it.

    In his own words, “pursuing college athletics was totally worth it, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

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