Tips From the Pro

Tips for a Fire College Essay

When I’m advising students on their college essays, one of the biggest issues is whether or not they  answer the prompt. Students  often mistake length for quality, and don’t answer the question being asked.  If the prompt asks about a significant event in your life, then write about one significant event, not your favorite song.

   In addition, make sure you stick to the length they are asking for.  You can achieve a lot in three paragraphs by using an elevated vocabulary to make your words convey stronger meaning.  Also, transitions are used not just between paragraphs, but inside paragraphs when moving from one thought to another.

   Lastly, get as many proofreaders as you can:  teachers, parents, and friends.  You also have access to the Paper app through your district dashboard.  You don’t want a typo to derail your efforts!  Good luck!

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