Cal State, UC, or Private?

Tips to Find the College Application for You

For those who are planning on attending college in the future, here are some guides to help you with your applications next year. You can apply to a college through their website, but it is generally recommended to use their APPS to make your application easier. Common APP is where you can apply to all the Ivy League colleges and private universities.

The  UC APP is where you’ll apply to all the UC schools such as UCLA or UC Santa Barbra. And lastly, there is the  CAL State APP where, just like the UC APP, you’ll apply to all the Cal state schools like Cal State Fullerton. 

   In the Common APP, you will first fill out all your general information, along with an essay generally about your personal life experiences and or adversity. 

   You  will also need 2 teacher recommendations and a counselor recommendation. After you’re done, the Common App will send that information to all the colleges you are applying to through the Common App. Colleges will have you answer some college personal questions. The Common App allows you to waive the application fee making applying to colleges easier and cheaper. 

   Through the UC APP, you will answer some personal insight questions of your choice with no essay or teacher recommendations needed. With this APP you can get your application fees waived by submitting your parents income. 

   Through the CAL State APP, you first select the program you want to apply to, like criminal justice for example. Then you will answer some personal questions and no essay is required. The Cal state App will automatically send all your application information to the colleges you wish to apply to. 


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