Beabadobee’s Glue Song

A heart filled which leaked into her nostalgic song

Gia Santolalla

Staff Writer


  Beabadobee, also known as Beatrice Kristi Laus, is a filipino-british singer-songwriter, who inspired the filipino community to break down racial stereotypes, she also represents her ethnicity and community through her music. Her artistic skills pushed her into the alternative indie genre, which are mostly listened to by adolescents. 

   “Glue song” by bea was leaked on Tik Tok during January, and it went viral throughout the media, with covers, remixes, and edits. It wasn’t just a coincidence that the song was to be released on valentine’s day, Bea had made this schedule to give a greater impact to the audience with the song.

   Bea mentions in an interview while in Iloilo, her hometown that was part of the inspiration and was also shown in her music video,  “For the first time this is just me being really happy. I’m in a really positive place for the first time in a long time and feeling love.”

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