Don’t Need for College

What to Not Pack for Your Dorms

   College is coming soon, which means it’s almost time to move into dorms! To keep you from over-packing your suitcases, I compiled a small list of things you can leave at home. 

   Don’t bring a plastic laundry basket, because it is much more efficient to be able to transport your basket back and forth between your dorm and the laundry room. Instead, go for a portable laundry basket, one with either wheels or handles.

   Shoes! I know we all like our shoes, but when it comes to college, there is not enough room to bring them all. To be efficient, you should choose to limit your pairs of shoes. I recommend bringing a pair from each category: going out/nice, weatherproof, comfortable, and casual. 

   Skip the dry-erase calendar, because even though you may be very ambitious, after a couple of weeks you will never fill out that calendar again. Instead, opt for either a paper daily planner or use apps like Google Calendar or TimeTree.

   Dorm packing is a stressful time, so just remember to bring what you love and you can always get more later. Good luck!

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