El Mo’s Choirs Take San Diego by Storm

The Angelic Voices of El Modena and Their Long-Awaited Trip

   El Modena’s choir works hard to perform at their very best and it shows. Our choir is amazing at what they do and makes our school proud, which is exactly why they’re traveling down to San Diego to perform at the San Diego Heritage Festival.

   Chamber Singers, Harmonia, and Men’s Choir will be there from April 21st to April 23rd and compete in the festival. They will attend the awards ceremony and have an opportunity to dance at the end. While our choir will be there to compete, have fun, and show their talent, there will also be time to enjoy the city.

   While there, choir will also visit SeaWorld and explore all the amenities San Diego has to offer. This will be the first Heritage Festival they will perform at since the pandemic. They have practiced tirelessly, not only to perform in festivals like this but to bless the ears of all at El Modena.

   Everyone in choir is looking forward to it and they have worked so hard for this trip. So we wish them luck in their competition and send our El Mo love and spirit with them.

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