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Everything You Need to Graduate

 For the class of 2023, graduation is upon us. Regardless of the year you graduate, all requirements go as followed. To graduate highschool you need to pass every class with a grade of D or higher. Remember that a grade of D or lower does not count for college credit, for this, you need to have a grade of C or higher. 

  • One semester of health 
  • 4 years of an English class 
  • 3 years of an social science class 
  • 3 years of math, 4 years are recommended (Every student must pass Algebra 1 in order to earn a highschool diploma)
  • 2 years of science. One year of  life science and physical science 
  • 2 years of physical education. Dance or a sport will count as physical education credit. 
  • 1 year of fine art/foreign language 
  • 1 year of CTE, AP or AVID
  • 80 credits earned of electives 
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