On-School Housing versus Commuting

Is It More Beneficial To Stay Home Or Leave Home?

   College is the next step after high school and this step leads to the question: Should one study near home or should study afar? There are multiple positives and negatives for both living in dorms and commuting from home, and many students don’t know what will benefit them the most. 

   The benefits of staying home is that you end up saving money,  and you are also less likely to get sick since you’re not in a confined space with multiple people.

   The commute to college is one of the cons of off-school housing. It is stressful and time consuming because you have to arrive at the college and then look for parking. Another drawback is that you may also miss out on the experience of living on the campus. 

   There has also been a rise in students moving to a college campus and opting for dormitory living. An advantage of living on campuses is that it makes it easier to find other people with the same interest as you. It also allows you to participate in more college events and it allows you to sleep a little bit later in the morning (depending on how close your class is.) 

   A disadvantage of living on campus is the lack of privacy you will have because of the confined space. Additionally, you may be constantly moved after they do dorm maintenance. One of the biggest cons is money. You have to pay rent to be able to live on campus. There are many pros and cons of both on-housing and commuting, but it is always up to the student to choose what is best for their future.    

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