Dual Enrollment Classes to Take

Take an SCC Class and Get Smarter


   Taking a college class in high school is an excellent opportunity open to all students at El Mo. It enables students to obtain college credits before graduating, meaning that students need to take fewer courses when they go on to attend a university or community college.

 Taking a college class also demonstrates student involvement and course rigor, which may be appealing to college admissions officers. 

   Additionally, college classes can be taken both online or offline, so those without transportation still can access this opportunity. If students have some time to spare, but not enough for a job or sport, dual enrollment is perfect. Although there are hundreds of classes available to students, these are some classes that deserve a special focus

  • Statistics and Probability: Many students take this class during their senior year of high school, but taking this course as dual enrollment can free up a period while enabling learning about important concepts.
  • Principles of Macroeconomics: This class promotes learning about how business and economic trends work. It is a great class for individuals interested in finance, business, or economics.
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