Rilakkuma is Better Than Sanrio

My Bear is Better Than Your Stupid Cat

 In mainstream media, Sanrio characters such as PomPom Purin, Kuromi, My Melody, and the one and only Hello Kitty have been widely adored for their cutesy aesthetic originating from popular Japanese culture. Why doesn’t Rilakkuma have the same representation as Sanrio characters? Both brands originate from the same culture and share a similar aesthetic, but Rilakkuma has a more relaxed, comforting, and cozy theme, with its main character being a carefree and relaxed bear. Rilakkuma is niche and should receive more recognition because more people would relate to the overall theme of the brand. Although Sanrio’s characters are decent, they are overrated; the only exception is Keroppi, who is typically left out of lineups whenever new merchandise is introduced. Rilakkuma is a niche brand that should be given more attention, and it is a must for someone that is looking for a lazy and cozy aesthetic.


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