Ohio Train Derailment

Tune Into this State of Toxicity!

   On February 3rd, a train derailed at eastbound Norfolk Southern Railway, causing an additional derailment of 38 railed cars. A fire ensued, damaging 12 cars in the process. The cargo on some of these trains consisted of dangerous chemicals like vinyl chloride. 

    Why is this vinyl chloride causing great panic? Well, this chemical is provoking concern due to its hazards and flammability. It is fairly common as it is used to produce a plastic called PVC, which is in pipes, wire, cable coatings, and packaging. 

   Although the derailment didn’t result in any fatalities or injuries, officials ordered for citizens to leave the premises because there was a risk of death. This order was lifted on February 8th, but people are now worried of the long term effects from this incident, as residents are coming forward to complain about rashes, headaches, and lingering odors. 

   The Environmental Protection Agency stated that the chemicals are continuing to be released into the air, surface oil, and surface waters. This begs the question: are there safe drinkable water sources? 

   Despite the thousands of dead fish near the crash site, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine declared that after testing the water from the Ohio River that it was deemed safe to drink.

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