Welcome to Spirit Week

The spirit is here, and we hold it dear


  As students arrive on campus, they can’t help but notice that El Modena has been transformed into a colorful wonderland. Posters cover the buildings. Each building has completely different storylines, but each building is connected through their unspoken message: the themes are meant to represent where the spirit lives and thrives. This is spirit week.

   Spirit week is a week filled with intense competition as well as leadership. Every year, each class (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) picks a theme that will represent how their class wants to express their interpretation of Vanguard Spirit. Each class competes to be the most spirited class through events such as lunchtime games, a canned food drive, building design, a lunchtime carnival, and the skit. 

   This year, the themes go as follows: Phineas and Ferb Seniors, Juniors in Thneedville, Despicable Sophomores, and Finding Freshmen. 

   Lunchtime games will be held all throughout this week, and getting as many Vanguards out in the quad to support the classes make the competition twice as fun.

   The week ends with the Spirit Week assembly and the Carnival. Personally, I find the skits the most enjoyable because it gives students the creativity and ability to tell a unique story about school spirit. Best of luck to all of the hardworking classes, and happy spirit week 2023!

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