The Word On Wednesday

A Spooky Show You Won’t Want to Miss.

The release of the new show Wednesday has quickly become one of the most watched TV shows on Netflix today. This is the first TV show coming from Tim Burton, one of the most recognized and iconic directors, and it did not disappoint. The audience follows a new Wednesday Addams as she attends Nevermore Academy and is faced with many obstacles, both old and new. It is filled with dark humor and drama in order to tell a mystery with different supernatural aspects. With Jenna Ortega portraying this new version of Wednesday, we see a completely new take on the character. She brings out the ethnic background of Wednesday’s character that has never been fully recognized and represented. The audience gets a pleasant surprise as Christina Ricci, the actor who played Wednesday in the 90s, makes an appearance as a supporting character. Overall, the new show Wednesday is not one you want to miss. With the audience ratings being so high, there has begun talk of a second season already, which would excite fans everywhere. Whether you have a dark sense of humor or you just want to see Jenna Ortega, make sure you add this show to your watchlist!

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