The Grinchiest Grinch

Who Stole Christmas and the Show

Madison Brehm 

Graphic Designer


   In this live action film, the well-known Grinch portrayed by comedian, Jim Carrey, decides to ruin Christmas for all citizens of Who-ville with the help of his dog, Max. How the Grinch Stole Christmas made in 2000, Carrey demonstrates facial expressions, emotions, and comedic zing which makes this an extraordinary movie. 

  When the Grinch was young, he had a heartbreak during the holidays, and hadn’t felt joy since. With that, he decided to steal Christmas from all of the who’s just to fill his heart that was three sizes too small. His abominable plans came to a halt when he ran into a young girl, Cindy Lou Who, who was able to change this killjoy of a character. 

   In the live action film, every actor was dedicated to their part and spent a whole year of many days and many nights on set to get every scene perfect. Jim Carrey had to spend over two hours just getting into the grinch costume. 

   On the other hand, the animated film was thrown together simply by animation. Unlike the live action movie, there is no background shown in the animated film which doesn’t allow the audience to grasp the concept of how and why the grinch hates Christmas so much.

   The difference between the two movies is that In the live action film, you could really see how much of an outcast the grinch really is, how everyone feared him as he walked the town. In the animated film, he wasn’t depicted as one to be hated by the townspeople because of how much of a grinch he really was. 

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