Christmas For Everyone

Inside Different Student’s Family Christmas Celebrations


When it comes to Christmas, everyone does something different and that’s what makes traditions so special. One student in particular, Matia Gonzalez (10) spends her Christmas with all of her extended family. Her aunts and uncles all come to her grandma’s house which is very exciting since they do not get to spend time with each other very often. 

   Instead of doing regular gift giving, her family does a Secret Santa which starts out their day to be filled with the Christmas spirit. The kitchen is normally filled with different members of the family cooking pozole and tamales in which the family enjoys while watching Christmas movies such as Elf and Santa Claus. They spend the rest of the night watching Christmas movies and drinking warm beverages. 

   Another student does something a little bit different for her holiday celebrations. Destiny Arizmendiz (12) starts her holiday traditions off by going to her dad’s house on Christmas Eve. Their family waits until midnight to start opening presents and once that is over, they play board games with each other and eat traditional hispanic food. For Christmas day, Destiny goes to her mom’s house and opens gifts while spending time with her extended family. 

   Every year, her grandma makes biscuits and gravy, and all of her family comes and enjoys the food while spending quality time with each other. At the end of the night after all the presents have been exchanged, Destiny and her cousins go to the movies to watch something festive.

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