White Lights For the Win

Why White Lights are Better Than Colored Lights

  When it comes to decorating, it is important to start with a blank canvas. To start with something that will compliment everything else, which is exactly why white lights are better than colored lights. 

   Colored lights can become an overwhelming piece of decor to look at when paired with other decorations. They can often become distracting. White lights give you the perfect opportunity to still have lights, but also have decor that is aesthetically pleasing to look at. They create the perfect base to work around, unlike colored lights, which become the center of attraction and sometimes make it impossible to decorate around. 

   White lights also are better to put on your Christmas tree. White lights opposed to colored lights highlight the greenery in the tree, creating a unified look, and a better presentation for ornaments to be fully admired. Colored lights can often become overpowering. 

   Lastly, white lights strung outside will give your house a classic look. Colored lights may begin to look tacky compared to white lights, and with other decor outside, they can create a messy look. Take your decorating skills next level this holiday season and use white lights to create a magical ambience that will surely be glamorous.

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