Winter Assembly At Fred Kelly

The Perks Of Having Fred Kelly Our Assemblies

   On December 8, El Mo had its winter assembly at Fred Kelly Stadium, celebrating the winter sports starting up during this season. In the past, El Mo has done every assembly either in the outside amphitheater or even in the gymnasium. With the construction of the Fred Kelly stadium being complete, El Mo decided to move its major assemblies to the spacious stands of the sports stadium. Now that we have had two assemblies in Fred Kelly, we can all safely say that the space is way more suitable for our major assemblies, to ensure that every grade is seated and can see the front. This past Winter Assembly had sports like Boys & Girls Basketball, Boys & Girls Wrestling, Boys & Girls Soccer, and Girls Water Polo introduce themselves and perform. The Grinch stole gifts from the wish fairy, Cheer & Pom and VDC performed and many games were played. I’m sure everyone appreciated the schedules that were handed out prior to the event because speaking for the student body, we can all appreciate it when we know what is going on.

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