‘Tis the Season to Drink

Drinks During the Holiday Season

‘Tis the Season to Drink


Eggnog is a thick drink that has a sweet and rich flavor. It consists of slowly cooked egg yolks in milk and cream. This process is similar to making an ice cream base.

Cranberry Tonic:

This drink contains no alcohol. It is a combination of cranberry juice and tonic water with lime juice. If you want to fancy it up, serve the drink in a sugar-rimmed glass.

Hot Chocolate:

Hot Chocolate is a staple for winter. It warms you up and the rich chocolate tastes delicious. Because there are different types of hot cocoa, the top-tier one is thick dark chocolate.

Mint Tea:

The holiday season is a time for bonding, but also the spread of illnesses. Mint Tea is especially good when you are sick. This tea coaxes your throat and tastes good too.

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