Ugly Sweaters

These Eccentric Sweaters May Be Perfect For Your Christmas!

Ugly Sweaters

   This ugly sweater depicts a disabled gingerbread man accompanied by the words, “OH SNAP”. This clever pun connects the physical condition of the poor gingerbread man to a commonly used interjection. Surrounding this pun are embroidered patterns, depictions of small gingerbread men, and the three quintessential Christmas colors, green, white, and red.

   This couples-oriented sweater has room for two wearers: a Santa Claus and his elf helper. Although this sweater may appear fun to wear, it seems like it may be difficult to put in and hard to move around once you’re inside. 


   This silly sweater shows a brooding wolf covered hair accompanied by the name “EDWARD”. The sweater also contains rows of dark colors and unique symbols and patterns. The hues and symbolism indicate that the wearer may be passive, contemplative, and an enthusiast for wolves and animals.

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