‘Tis the Wishing Season

The Tradition of Wish Fairy

‘Tis the Wishing Season

   Wish Fairy gift sending, a magical tradition at El Modena High School, spreads holiday joy throughout the campus. In this event, ASB gives opportunities for students to “wish” other people on campus gifts or experiences. Those who are able to send and receive wishes include students and staff. The Wish Fairies grant wishes for special people by giving them a gift. These gifts are either announced and presented at the Wish Fairy Assembly, or they are delivered after the assembly.

   This year, around ninety wishes were made,  and seventy-two of them were granted. These gifts are purchased by ASB. Some wishes granted were a stethoscope, scrubs, chocolate, and shoes- all which had meaning and sentiment behind them. Within the wishing sheet, the sender includes a reason why they want to wish their recipient the gift.


Frontline: “What did you get from wish fairy?”

Eleanor Tjoa: “I received a Herschel Backpack”

FL: “Who sent the wish for you?”

ET: “My friend Jolie Khalil wished me the backpack.”

FL: “Why did she wish it for you?”

ET: “She said that I was a good friend to play tennis with and that I was studious.”

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