Senior Goals

Seniors Preparing for the Adult Life

Frontline: “What are your goals after high school?”

Kendall Armstrong: “I’m not sure what career I want in the future, but I definitely want to graduate from a four year university. My top choice is UCLA. I also hope to travel and eventually start a family.” 

Diana Paisano: “My goals after high school involve going to college where I would be working towards getting a bachelor’s in Computer Science because it would allow me to expand my interests in becoming a web developer.”

Allison Martinez: “My goals after high school would be to get into a four year college and finish my studies and hopefully travel around the world and write a book someday.”

Leslie Cabanas: “After high school, I plan to attend a four year university. My top choice is Cal Poly Pomona. I plan to major in journalism.” 

Jamila Atilano: “My plan after high school is to become a teacher. I’m not exactly sure what age range I would like to teach, but I do know that working with children is my passion. I plan on attending SCC and transferring to CSUF in order to get my bachelor’s.”

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