Hello Kitty Earmuffs

Staff Writer

Gia Santolalla 


    Many new fashion accessories and clothing are coming from Sanrio for the cold winter to keep you warm during the holiday season. Sanrio, is an Asian company in Japan that is based on Japanese Kawaii culture that are also known for their cute characters.

  Gloves, scarves, and sweaters all displaying the holidays with one of the most iconic characters, Hello Kitty! These items are easily delivered to American stores, but can range up to $40 or $60 dollars, and will be increased if bought online. Forever 21, an American teenage brand, has been on fire for their Sanrio winter collaboration of clothing and accessories.

    Limited edition hot pink Hello Kitty earmuffs are every girl’s dream accessory in the winter! These earmuffs can keep your ears warm, without the itch and discomfort of the soothing fluff. They have been blowing up online for their cuteness and stylish combinations for the holiday season. There is a variety of these earmuffs of every color for cheap prices. If you’re a Sanrio lover like me I suggest you include a pair of  Hello Kitty earmuffs in your Christmas wish list to complete your ideal Sanrio wardrobe, or place it under your best friend’s Christmas tree!

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