Flea Market

Gia Santolalla

Staff Writer

   Once again, our ASB made another great event for the Vanguard Nation; our very first flea market. This is extremely important for the environment since flea markets lead to sustainable consumption turning unused items recycled or repurposed. Flea markets on school campuses are great opportunities for clubs and small businesses to expand themselves in the community and be known around campus. Let’s hear from our Vanguards and their experiences! :

  Emi Duong (Junior) had said that one of her luckiest finds were a pair of low rise jeans, a gray and brown shirt. She loves the small and comfy environment the market gives out. 

   Bailey Brown (Junior) member of the Red Cross club mentions the amount of money her hand-made bracelets made, the friendliness of the buyers and great customer service. 

   Anthony Perez (Junior) president of Book Club has made sufficient money to donate it to the children’s hospital. Perez also mentions he wished that bathrooms were closer to the parking lot, since they were located in the 500’s.

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