Mariah Carey Should’ve Retired 20 Years Ago

An Overhyped, Overplayed, and Overrated Singer Who Needs to Retire

   Mariah Carey, a staple of holiday music across the United States, is well known for her back-to-back chart-topping songs as well as her five-octave vocal range, which is exceptionally rare.

   Despite her absolute talent, her music is absolutely overplayed and overhyped by her fans. Her Christmas music, in particular All I Want for Christmas, is driving us rabid.

   After speaking to a grocery store worker, forced to experience Christmas music for 8 hours straight at work, I can confirm that Carey’s song irked her the most.

   As annoying and frequent as her music is, it’s understandable as she has been producing highly praised music for nearly three decades.

   Throughout her influential career, one scandal sticks out among the rest. In 2017, she filed a lawsuit against her ex-assistant for taking videos and blackmailing her for $8 million dollars.

   In response, the former personal assistant filed a lawsuit against both her and her manager, claiming she was “urinated on, beaten, and harassed” by the manager while Carey stood idly by.

   Despite the $3 million settlement the two reached, Carey’s loyal fans stuck with her and she still sees widespread love from her fan base.

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