2024 Presidential Declarations So Far

   This coming year of 2023 will see a surge in political ads, opinions, and broadcasts across the U.S. as candidates ramp up for the 2024 election.

   While the debates and tours around the country won’t begin for another six months, candidacy announcements and calls to attention have already been presented this year.

   Most notably, Donald Trump and Ye West have announced their running with the Republican Party, stirring controversy similar to the 2020 election cycle.

   While Trump hasn’t stirred controversy with his announcement this year, he has complicated the ongoing criminal investigation into his crimes dealing with classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate, and his attempt at uprooting Joe Biden’s election.

   Some believe due to the announcement of his candidacy, a new special counsel should be elected to take over the investigation, though others argue this is unnecessary.

   An article from the Washington Post reads, “investigating a political figure is not the same thing as a political investigation.” Supporting the fact that Trump should maintain the same investigative staff no matter the political circumstance.

   Surprisingly, Trump is not the topic of controversy this year as Ye West seemingly cannot miss when it comes to one-upping himself with increasingly disastrous comments and actions.

   A few of Ye’s recent escapades include meeting with infamous white nationalist and antisemite Nick Fuentes, creating a swastika-Star of David combination logo, and even praising Hitler.

   While antisemitic presidential candidates are nothing new, someone as influential as Ye preaching these values sets a dangerous baseline for the U.S.

   Letting anyone, no matter how antisemitic, racist, or bigoted, run for president is dangerous, and I fear for the future where people with these values are put in a position of power like the presidency.

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