Qatar World Cup

One Of Biggest Tournaments In Soccer Is Back!

Every 4 years, international teams play against each other in the World Cup, with this year’s cup being held in Qatar. Many players wish for a chance to represent their country and win this elusive title. They are all fighting to be champions of the world and win the prized World Cup.

   Belgium and Uruguay were expected to go far, but fell short. Ecuador played some great soccer, but it wasn’t enough to make the knockout stage. As for Mexico, this is the first time since 1978 they didn’t make it to the Round of 16.  

   Brazil and Spain with young, talented, and experienced players look like they have the potential to make it to the final. Many fans want to see Argentina or Portugal make it to the final to watch Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo lift up this elusive trophy. 

   On December 18th, two teams will play for the ultimate title. At the end of those 90 minutes, one team is going to come out victorious and be crowned champion of the world!

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