Radium Girls

Gia Santolalla

Staff Writer

   Radium Girls, a beautifully crafted play, rehearsed for months leaving the actors restless, given to us to enjoy and to repeat in memory from its unbelievably well acting. Radium Girls, is a true story from the 19th century that tells about the lives of  three female dial painters and their search for recognition of the company’s responsibility for their ailment and for justice. With its astounding adequately worn clothing that took you back to the 19th century. 

   Their voices with compassion, yearning for justice, and the apathetic declining the evolutionary movement for their greed of money. This play was just wonderfully entertaining; the room was filled with family and friends, and after the curtains closed, a thunder of applause from the audience thanking them for their full determination to make the play come to life. 

   Frontline: “What is your favorite line? And how did it impact you?”

Actor: Alyssa Lopez, as Kathryn Schaub (Senior): My favorite line was, “Get up sleepy head! You’ll never make a quota like this!” It displays a deeper meaning behind the dream scene, which is the inescapable reality for Kathryn, one of the radium girls. 

Actor: Aiden Forbes, as Dr. Joseph Knef (Freshman): My lines greatly impacted me when my character solemnly confirms that one of the radium girls, had only a year left to live. This not only impacts me but the audience, the silence determining despair and grief.

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