Piercings Perfect for This Holiday

Hole-y Christmas!

  When deciding whether to change your look during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring, or Summer Break, consider Christmas break as the best season to. With blood flow moving slower this season, swelling is out of the picture for your piercings. Choosing piercings can be hard when there are so many options to choose from: lips, ears, belly-buttons, toenails…

   One good piercing to get is an eyebrow piercing. It’s very complementary to eyes, and if you have long hair, you can hide from your strict mom. 

   Another piercing that is basic yet never fails to look good is a septum piercing. Although inconveniently a booger jail, it suits each and every nose, so get yourself to the nearest piercing shop! Just blow your nose every once in a while please. 

   Lastly, another couple of piercings to get this season is adding to, or getting your first, ear piercing. Earrings look great on anyone, and are very affordable too!

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